Friday, March 24, 2006

Revolution rumou June launch

There is a rumour that the revolution may launch in June (that would be great!)
Spong has more detail. follow the link and see what they have to say.

Nintendo GO

I have looked at and read this myself and it is hard to say since so much is cut out but engadget has a picture or 2 of what is supposed to be the new nintendo system name or the revo's new name.
It doesn't appear to have much excempt saying product and some other stuff and yes GO does mean 5 in Japanese

IGN GDC summmary

There is a summary of what was said at GDC on IGN
hit the link and check it out.

Iwatasan's speech on nintendo of america.

Go to the Nintendo Press server to read IWATA's speech
The good news is Sega and turbo graphics games on the virtual console.
The bad news is no other real revolution news.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Interesting Gif Revolution news??? IGn MATT
Look at Matt of IGN's blog he is the editor and has a strange looping gif of Yamaguchi san and a revolution and volcanoe and mushroom cloud.
Much speculation has arisen do to this gif.
People are saying Matt is insinuating there will be a bomb dropped about the revolution.

Nintendo to ‘drop the bomb’ at GDC? from has the following article up

woo hoo GDC would be great to get news!

Keith_Andrew - Saturday March 11th 2006 13:56
Nintendo to ‘drop the bomb’ at GDC?
Translation sends web in a spin
A number of websites are reporting that Nintendo intends to go head on for customer’s hearts and minds at this year’s Game Developers Conference, or GDC as it is known.
The GDC, which is being headlined by Sony’s Phil Harrison, is being held in San Jose between 20th-24th of this month, and has already been billed as an event Sony wishes to focus on the PlayStation 3. However, a translation of a news item carried on a Dutch website cites president Satoru Iwata as claiming he wishes to ‘drop the bomb’ on this year’s GDC, in reference to the company’s Revolution.
The item also claims that this stance has been backed up by company executive Reggie Fils-Aimes, who reportedly believes the fight for the ‘hearts and the heads of all gamers’ will begin at the conference.

Lack of updates

Sorry for a lack of updates lately, but I must say most of the news thats been trickling out has been either rehashed or not very interesting at all.
I did a few updates of the best stuff I could find on the revolution.
It just seems we are at Nintendo's mercy until E3 at this point.
Hopefully we will get some more trickles.
There is a lot of speculation as to whether the revolution will have stereoscopic projection and also some patents suggest it will have built in micrphones.
Lets hope we are all suprised with a great new technology besides the controller.
what do you all think the final secret is?

Online Chat With Miyamoto fri

Interested in running a question past one of the videogame industry's most illustrious figures? Here's your chance!
At 8:00 p.m. CET on March 17, Miyamoto will participate in a "video based web-chat" where gamers from around the global will be able to pick his brain regarding a bevy of topics.
Those interested in submitting a question must do so at Web Chats before the event. After that, Miyamoto against the clock to answer as many of the questions selected as possible before time's up.
They really should just have Jack Bauer interrogate him during the webchat so we can find out what's up with Revolution. Sigh!
Go to 1 up for the original story!

Also by Falafelkid is taking questions to ask Miyamotosan. Great page by the way.

Upstart Studio Targets Revolution From IGN

Sample of article from IGN
Upstart Nibris, a small development studio based in Poland, has revealed that it is working on two projects for Nintendo's next generation console, codenamed Revolution. The games exist in pre-alpha form - one earlier than the other - and neither has a publisher, but the developer is hopeful that both works will get picked up in the near future. hit the link to read the whole story.
Good to see small developers interested in the revo.

IGN revoltion contoller dev kit hands on. follow the link to read the IGN hands on of the revolution Contoller dev kit.
They didnt get any games so it's a short read.
These preliminary kits include only a wired Revolution controller, a wired nunchuck attachment and a wired motion bar, which some studios have labeled the "wand." (...) The wired Revolution controller is inserted into a control socket on the GameCube hardware. The nunchuck unit connects to the freehand-style controller via a makeshift Ethernet cable. And the so-called wand plugs into a Memory Pak slot on the GCN development hardware. A software solution undoubtedly resolves any initial compatibility issues. Studios have been told by Nintendo to experiment from there.