Monday, February 27, 2006

Revolution Controller touch sensitive? from spong
Interweb chatter over the weekend on many a videogame forum centred around comments made by an EA exec in an interview regarding ‘touch sensitivity’ features on the new Revolution controller. EA spokesperson, Trudy Muller made the following comments regarding the Nintendo Revolution controller: “The beauty of the new Revolution controller is that the possibilities for new game ideas are limitless. I'm sure that Nintendo already has a number of phenomenal design concepts built around 3D Pointing or Touch Sensitivity for their 1st party games. Our developers are inspired and excited by the new controller's features.”
When pressed, Muller said she was not talking about the DS’s touch screen, but referring to a function of the Revolution controller, saying that “[touch sensitivity] is related to what Nintendo may have in development for use around their Revolution controller.” This has of course sparked off a lot of guessing and theorising about what this ‘touch sensitivity’ function on the Revolution controller actually means. It’s thought that whatever it is and however it works, this is the final big ‘secret’ that Nintendo plan to unveil at E3 this year.Initial thoughts were that the Revolution controller could have a touchscreen panel similar to that of the DS, via which you could move a cursor on your TV screen similar to the way in which you can with the DS stylus. This seems to SPOnG, to say the least, a bit of a far-fetched flight of fancy.Another idea is that the controller may well be developed to work with an additional add-on with some kind of touch screen functionality. Again, this just doesn’t seem in any way feasible.What, to SPOnG, seems far more likely is that EA’s Muller, quoted above, in referring to touch sensitivity on the Revolution controller, is referring to some kind of special force feedback feature and/or a sensory feel button feature.Regarding a special force feedback feature – the idea of a wireless controller with rumble features is of course nothing new. The 360 controller does it and does it very well indeed. And as one keen-eyed forum poster commented: “I think this is very likely the "secret" and can be achieved thru 2 gyros that work in unison or against each other to give more feeling than a basic rumble pak could.”Regarding the somewhat more innovative idea of a ‘Sensory Feel Button’ – this is something which, if achieved, really could open up loads of interesting new areas of gameplay and heightened user control. The idea is that the large A button on the Revolution controller, which you will control with your thumb, could offer touch/sensory messages through to the thumb, kind of like a brail-reader, in order to give the user a sense of something moving or flowing or something about to happen and so on. In essence a feature along these lines could complement the 3D spatial movement feature of the Revolution controller in many ways – ie you move your controller around until your thumb tells you that you have found/hit something, and so on. It’s certainly one of the more interesting of the many speculative ideas surrounding the big secret around the Revolution controller and one which SPOnG is keen to see and hear more on. Watch this space for updates as soon as we get them.

Friday, February 17, 2006


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Nintendo scans leaks etc... at Go nintendo

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and take a look at some Revolution news including zelda, and the fact that the revos stand is actually its poer supply.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kotaku has news of a revolution foot based periphera

Foot-Based Revolution Peripheral?
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There’s apparently more in store than an innovative controller. An anonymous tipster buzzed the red Kotaku phone, dishing about an interesting Revolution peripheral that uses gamer’s feet during play. It’s the standard “I have a friend who is working on 3rd party accessories for the Revolution” so take the tip with a pinch of salt and a swig of Tequila. The email reads:
It’s code named the “Kick Stick” at this point. It is a device placed on the ground in front of your chair. It has two insets to place your feet (apparently it’s adjustable). So from what he told me, when your feet are placed inside the contoured grooves you are able to slide each foot independently within a radius.
He gave the example of a FPS. In one hand you have your analog stick for turning and looking, tethered to that is the revolution controller that is used for aiming/zooming and moving the reticule. The Kick Stick is what you use to actually move. If you wanted to walk forward in the game you would slide your feet slightly forward on the device. To run you would slide your feet further forward. To strafe, one foot is stationary, while the other moves in the direction you wish to strafe.
He said it is designed for when the gamer is seated and will be pitched forward, sorta like a foot massage machine.

Sounds Kind of cool

Revolution Golf Game announced

Kotaku Http:// Has news of a golf game coming for the Revo.
I am not a golfer but hey could make for intersting play!
According to Nikkei Net, Tecmo has announced online-golf game Pangya for the Revolution in Japan. The popular Korean game is played throughout Asia, and this announcement clearly shows Nintendo’s commitment to the online console gaming.
Click below for the full story.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Revolution logo accidentally revealed by Blitz Games?

Found this on go nintendo

Revolution logo accidentally revealed by Blitz Games?February 15th, 2006
We reported earlier that Blitz Games is working on a Revolution title, and that we should be hearing more about it soon. It seems that Blitz Games may have accidentally revealed the Revolution official logo (for now) on their company website. Check out the image from their site below. Click here for the logo

or read the article here
Looks cool but is it real??

New Revolution Project Announced From the developer of Pac-Man World 3. Big-name publisher involved

Just ran across this on IGN

February 13, 2006 - Blitz Games today announced that it has signed a deal with a major publisher to make a title for Nintendo's next generation console, codenamed Revolution. The developer, best known for projects including Glover for N64 and Pac-Man World 3 for GameCube, stated that further details about the game will be announced by the still-secret publisher "soon."
Get the whole story at IGN

Mario's Grown Up, You Ready To Play? By Reggie Fils-Aime

Read an article By Reggie at brandweek he has some interesting stuff to say like comparing Microsoft and Sony to Howard the Duck the movie.

Monday, February 13, 2006

REvolutionary Games I smell a fake.

REvolutionary Games
I doubt it but has a list of supposed games coming on the revo.
Some are already proven fakes and or concepts and some dont make sense like donky konga 3 thats already a Gamecube game. Most seem like speculation.
Post your thoughts here or there.
My bet goes on fake.

Gates Doesn't Like Revolution Controller

Mr. forward thinking Bill Gates doesn't like new technology!

Read more on Game On Revolution another really nice news blog.

Sorry for no updates I was off on a business trip

Sorry I have been gone for 2 weeks and due to my workload was unable to update.

GC controllers and revolution backwards combatibilty only?

Semi-Confirmation that GC controllers won't play Rev Games
Reggie states that the GC controllers are only for backwards compatiblity. Read more at
Nintendo centrum