Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Falafelkid Nintendo revolution blogspot

Well here is a link to Nintendo revolution blogspot This guy is not afraid to try and expose people as fakes and even now has posted his own images and a video of himself.
The ballsiest revolution blogspot and or site out there.
A must visit in my opinion.

Silent Hill 5 Rev, No End Soon blog fake

From Nintendo Centrum (A great site) One of the first blobs I found concerning revolution news. Comes a story about the recently exposed fake Silent Hill 5 Rev, No End Soon Fake Blobs.
Here is a sample of what is said click the link at the bottom for the full scoop.
Scott Miller, a high up suit in 3d Realms disses Nintendo inside.All these stories are on Falafelkids blog where it is getting pretty dicy between him and the No End Soon Blog guys. Fala goes off on No End Soon with some interesting details with much arguing over the topic with Mr. Rebus of No End Soon.


Although Most believe this blog is a fake and I am skeptical it makes an interesting read especially the comments. They claim along with osoko tanaka (I believe he has been proven a fake) Lets just look and see what they have to say.
Personally I am not believing the whole 3rd secret is 3d visors no tv involved bit.
Make your own decisions have a look below.

Nintendo’s 10 Things to Know About WiFi From Kotaku

Below is a link to Kotaku It seems Nintendo has a WiFi Guide out

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nintendo Centrum Great updated news

Please visit one of my other favorite sites Nintendo Centrum at

Sonic on Revolution?

IGN has a report about a possible revolution exclusive Sonice game by Sega.
Follow the Below link to read the full story.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Possible Leaked Revolution Game details on Kotaku

Has a few posts up with some details the received in an anoymous email.
The game is supposedly called Sunder: Land of Divide The have a few things on it that seem to go into weapons detail that they received.
Take a look if it is real looks pretty cool.
Click below.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osoko Tanaka Fake? Real?

Although I believe he is a fake many people seem to deabte the fact on his blog only nintendo revolution.
Look at it and read the comments it's pretty funny. I do believe there has been proof that he is a fake. But it is entertaining watching the comments posted. Although he seems to delete a lot that prove he is a fake.
Click below for Osoko's blog and see what you think.
Only Nintendo Revolution Blog

Miyamoto Speaks link to IGN

Miyamoto Speaks
The Nintendo legend talks Revolution and, uh, nose hair, in this new interview.
Please visit IGN at the link below for the full story.

Nintendo Resolutions

Q&A: Reggie Fils-Aime [GameSpot]

has a lengthy Q&A up with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime on the company’s big resolutions for the New Year. To call Nintendo optimistic going into 2006 would be an understatement. The five resolutions? First, keep the eyes on the prize, meaning games are what sell systems and Nintendo wants to keep making good games. Second, keep the “mass” in mass audience, this is directed toward Microsoft’s expensive product launch, Nintendo wants the Revolution to be affordable. Third, stop turning away new players. Fourth, to turn game development into a democracy of of great ideas. That fourth resolution returns to the rising cost of gaming for both the consumer and the publisher. And fifth, improving the way gamers play games - hence the Nintendo Revolution controller.
Thanks to Kotaku Who's site I first read this at.

What this Blog is About

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog. I am a Game fan from back in the Gulp pong system days. Space invaders, PacMan, Defender, I remeber when I first got my Atari 2600. Basically what I Plan to do is Post and link Nintedo revolution News here. Not because I think it rules but because it's the only new system that is not just pumping up horsepower. I know that People will say it is underpowered, but at 2 to 3 times the gamecube Look at Resident Evil 4 and think 2 or 3 times better. I think that is not an issue. I would like to thank my favorite news site out there for just being there,

Http:// This is a great site!

Thank you and I hope I can at least get some news updated regularly.