Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wii the Good and the Bad

Well here is what I think are good and bad aspects of the Wii

The Specs - Good and bad well good enough to show some ipressive games, but since No one knows the specs and some games look like crap there are some bad aspects.

Online- Good and Bad also I say this since very few games will have online from the start.
I hope that some will be able to have online added later from the Wiiconnect24.

Wiiconnect24 - Good since we can get updates while we sleep are at work watching TV whatever. Unless the send a bum OS patch, or if you have no internet.

Mii's - Good- I think these will be cool to make and bring a mini Mii of your friend on your controller and put it on his System.

Wii Channels - Good I think these will be a good interface but some I could care less about weather??? Well I guess some people will like that but I have no use for it.

Controller - Good from what I hear but I will write more once I actually play it.

Well feel free to add some of your own goods and bads or comment.


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