Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How the Wii will open to a larger market

http://picturethis.clubmom.com/ Anyone wondering how the Wii will gain market share just read this story, on how a Mom became a WiiAmbassador and how she was won over.So,we had the party yesterday and if you can imagine, there were 4 amazing TV's set up, with 4 Wii Gaming Systems (under lock and key, I might add)throughout our house. It was pretty impressive, I must say. And I'm one mom who is not easily impressed with these kinds of things. But everyone was really getting into the fun, flailing arms and legs and everything. Let's just say that most of the Wii system games that we played do not accommodate couch potatoes! So, to put it simply, Nintendo won me over. And I think I can say the same for the 35 other people that we're here. I'll betcha half of them have already pre-ordered their Wii Systems (which won't be available to the public until Nov. 19th). Which is I'm sure what this party set out to do. And if that is the case, mission accomplished guys. Wii now love Nintendo. And for the record, you are welcome in my home anytime
Looks Like they are appealing to a larger market to me. The Wii seems to have the potential and appeal that non gamers like, so it would seem they are doing a good job of opening more market shares


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