Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Game Sites I like

Well here is a list of some Game sites I like

www.zogdog.com The nintendo forum there is always going and fun.

www.kotaku.com Great site lotsa news I like it alot.

www.ign.com Another news site that is pretty good. I would never pay for the premium stuff though. The Wii ign egitor Matt has some good posts and a decent blog when he updates (Like I am one to say something about an updated blog!)

nintendo-revolution.blogspot.com falafelkids blog great blog nintendo definitive speculation

gonintendo.com another good site for news

www.joystiq.com another good news site

www.spong.com I like this news site also.

Add any favorites you like too.

These arent all just my favorites


Blogger Arsenis said...

I like TheRevolutionLifestyle....

Oh wait am an editor there... never mind this is SPAM already XD

6:20 PM  
Blogger Jaxjp said...

Hey post your site here.
I havent made a complete list!!

6:52 AM  

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