Monday, March 13, 2006

Nintendo to ‘drop the bomb’ at GDC? from has the following article up

woo hoo GDC would be great to get news!

Keith_Andrew - Saturday March 11th 2006 13:56
Nintendo to ‘drop the bomb’ at GDC?
Translation sends web in a spin
A number of websites are reporting that Nintendo intends to go head on for customer’s hearts and minds at this year’s Game Developers Conference, or GDC as it is known.
The GDC, which is being headlined by Sony’s Phil Harrison, is being held in San Jose between 20th-24th of this month, and has already been billed as an event Sony wishes to focus on the PlayStation 3. However, a translation of a news item carried on a Dutch website cites president Satoru Iwata as claiming he wishes to ‘drop the bomb’ on this year’s GDC, in reference to the company’s Revolution.
The item also claims that this stance has been backed up by company executive Reggie Fils-Aimes, who reportedly believes the fight for the ‘hearts and the heads of all gamers’ will begin at the conference.


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